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Big, Beautiful and Abundantly Yours

There’s no need for men to call out big when statistically, there are more overweight men than women. Statistically, those big women are bouncing and happy. They will probably outlive their skinny sisters.

Beautiful and healthy BBW
Beautiful and healthy BBW
BBW Women are Big All Over

It’s a myth that the majority of BBW women are inactive. In fact, men who date curvy women discover their lovely, big-bottom babes are health conscious, exercise and are often engaged in recreational activities. If her curves are in all the right places, just more generous than fashionable, you are dealing with a bundle of cuddly energy with an enormous zest for life.

If you’re trying to avoid taking your medicine around big, curvy women, it just isn’t going to happen. She’s going to make sure you eat right because she cares about you, but the chances are good she knows a great many sumptuous, healthy dishes. She also knows when it’s time to just relax and take it easy with a little binge-worthy television viewing or sitting at the backyard patio, catching the late afternoon breeze.

Hooking up with Big Beautiful Women

Gone are the days of the bashful fat girl in the background of social activities. Today’s big woman is proud of her natural beauty and worth as a congenial, intelligent human being. She has taken her place among movie stars and models. She has created her own website and cultivated fans. She rebels against the thin is beautiful stereotype.

The best way to hook-up with a big, beautiful woman online is to use a specialized dating app for chatting and meeting up. Big women, and the men who prefer them, are largely misrepresented in the average social networking site engineered toward helping singles connect with other singles.

A specialized dating app allows big women to create a profile and showcase their abilities without feeling self-conscious. If you’re using it, you already know they are big; the rest is about them; places they like to go, things they like to do. She may be bubbly and brainy or scatter-brained and silly, but her unique personality is not something you will easily forget.

Sensitivity Plus

Big, beautiful women remain in the background of social gatherings because the social climate isn’t always that nice for people of their size. Skinny is popular, petite is cute, but big belongs to a western series barmaid or a drug lord’s mama. Not so! There are many big women as regal as princesses and as soft-spoken as the trickling waters of a spring.

Big, beautiful women have learned to bounce back from the criticisms of their bodies, which are not up to Hollywood standards, by becoming celebrities within their own rights. They have learned to take pride in their bodies; bodies whose size often had a hereditary factor, such as large bones, slow metabolism or a thyroid condition. Their strong bones may be standing on three hundred years of pioneering, the type that shaped America’s backbone. They are genial, warm and as sensitive to your needs as you are to theirs.

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