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Top 10 Cities for Curvy Singles

In America, the general rule of thumb is the farther west you go, the leaner the women. The most robust women live south of the Mason-Dixon line, with strong concentrations in Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas.

Down in New Orleans Mardi Gras

The number one all-time favorite city for finding curvy singles is New Orleans. With mouth-watering Cajun cooking, an exotic atmosphere, and loads of celebrations and events, there are a hundred opportunities for finding just the right curvy single. Time your visit with the Mardi Gras and make it the most exciting date you’ve ever had.

Remember the Alamo Girls in Alamo

San Antonio women may be curvy, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exercise. In fact, the streets of San Antonio are so flat, everybody does a lot of walking. They just happen to like big people and don’t mind stating it. Once you find your date, there are plenty of places to go for kicking off memories; such as the Alamo, Six Flags Over Texas and Sea World.

Southern Charm Fayetteville

North Carolina has some beautiful, curvy women and their curviest live in the quaint town of Fayetteville. As graceful as the weeping willow that lines the quiet streets, Fayetteville women serve up their southern hospitality in generous proportions, making it one of the most romantic places in the US to go on a date.

Gamble on Her Women Gamble Los Vegas

Casinos and fabulous entertainment venues aren’t all you will find in Los Vegas. Sixty percent of the women are curvy, although only twenty-three percent are classified obese. They like to keep their curves dangerous and they are very proud of their generous busts, hips and shapely legs.

The Big Apple curvy girl in new york

Date night is every night in New York City. With its mixed demographics, New York City has a very large percentage of curvy women. Hispanics rate highest among self-reported robust women with black women in second place, but the overall population reports a higher percentage than the national average. With so much cultural diversity, New York is the best place to find a curvy woman who is exactly to your tastes.

The Sunshine State Gainesville

Florida is generally considered a “lean” state. With miles of beaches and a climate too hot to stay covered up for long, Florida likes to stay slim and trim. Not so with Gainesville. Ranked number one as the best place to live and play by National Geographic in 2007, Gainesville people are healthy and robust, with plenty of curvy women. Slender Florida is alarmed, but Gainesville thinks it’s just natural living.

Midwest Allure Girl in Chicago

Those heartland people are tough. Their strong work ethics combined with a hearty farm diet keeps them in the mid-range between lean and ample, with busty a common feature. The curviest women in the Midwest are found in Chicago. The windy city just naturally creates a desire for a little extra bundle-up in flesh as well as clothing. The men don’t mind, though. Those curvy women are what keeps them warm at night.

Star Dazed Los Angeles

For quite a few decades, Los Angeles has portrayed itself as a city of the fashionably slim, following the Hollywood interpretation of beautiful. Curvy women have begun fighting back, declaring they are beautiful just the way they are and creating fan bases to prove it. If you want a date with a woman who takes pride in her curves and will dress up to dazzle the stars, Los Angeles is the place to go.

Up North Yakima City

Central Washington is a beautiful agricultural area with a population of women whose apple cheeks speak of a diet rich in fruits and dairy. Those pleasant curves are most prominent in Yakima City, the seat of the Yakima Valley and the eleventh largest city in the state. Since in general, the northwestern cities rank high on the lean list, Yakima City is a paradise for northwestern men who like curvy women.

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